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Essays, just like many other research-oriented assignments, require you to go through quite a lot of information from both online and offline sources. During this process you are likely to be accused of plagiarizing your essay. Regardless of whether it is intentional or by accident, you will still be punished. Therefore, it is good academic practice to always make sure that your paper is plagiarism free. However, you first have to understand what is plagiarism and where can you get the best essay plagiarism checker online.

Most of the time, when you hear the word plagiarism, you immediately think about copying someone else’s work or their original ideas and opinions. But terms such as borrowing or copying often disguise the severity of the offense. According to established and world renown learning institutions, plagiarism is described as stealing and attempting to pass off the ideas, opinions, and works of another person as your own. This is often happening as a result of not properly crediting the originator of the information used within your paper.

In other words, delivering a plagiarism essay could be considered as an act of fraud that involves stealing another person’s work and later on lying about its origin. In most countries across the globe, these ideas and opinions are referred to as intellectual property and are protected by copyright laws. Maybe in school, the consequences are not as severe, but as you progress with your education, you will notice that the stakes are much higher.

Cases of plagiarism have been on the rise majorly because of the increased dependency on online learning resources. With today’s technological learning approaches, it is easier to be caught plagiarizing than ever before as all the information is readily available to be copied and added to your essays. Sometimes you may not realize it, and that is why you need an essay plagiarism checker free to help you identify any copied pieces of information within your paper.

Why Should I Check My Essay for Plagiarism

As a student before asking us, “can you check my essay for plagiarism?” you should know that there are various types of plagiarism that teachers and professors look out for in your assignments. Below is a brief definition of the different kinds of plagiarism and how to avoid them:

  • Global plagiarism

This is perhaps the most common type of plagiarism that occurs when a friend or hired writer compiles your paper on your behalf so that you can present it as your own.

  • Direct plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is seen when a student copies another person’s information, word for word without properly crediting the author.

  • Self-plagiarism

This form of plagiarism is when you send in your previous assignments or parts from earlier papers for marking. That is why most learning institutions today have student repositories to store submitted student papers.

  • Accidental plagiarism

This occurs when you forget to credit a source of information or unintentionally paraphrasing a source within your essay.

  • Mosaic plagiarism

This is a type of plagiarism that is described as using phrases and quotations from different sources. However, there is a slight difference from other forms of plagiarism as you have altered the sentence structure and used synonyms to retain the original idea.

  • Wrong citations

This should be the first step to avoiding plagiarism. However, students have seen it as a loophole they can exploit to avoid being punished for plagiarizing their papers. By providing wrong citations for quoted texts, it is not immediately flagged by most plagiarism detection systems.

  • Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing or rephrasing is the act of re-writing copied text in your own words. As long as you cite and reference your sources, this should not be an issue. However, it is considered plagiarism when you combine information from different sources by rewriting their main points and presenting them as your own original ideas.

  • Verbatim

This is described as including a piece of information directly into your paper without proper citations. It is considered verbatim even if you delete and move around some words to change the structure.

Regardless of the type of plagiarism within your papers, you can check essay for plagiarism free at our website. We are readily available to provide accurate and consistent plagiarism reports to all our clients at no cost. As you can see, there are many types of plagiarism that you can fall victim to, and that is precisely why you need a reliable, consistent and free plagiarism detection system to help you identify any copied content within your academic papers before you submit them for marking.

When you visit our website, you can ask any of our customer care representatives, “check my essay for plagiarism free,” and they will be more than happy to assist you by providing you with a link to the online form for you to upload your paper for scanning. You have nothing to worry about, as our online platform is safe and secure. Also, your document will not be saved, and the process takes only a few minutes to complete; after which, you get a comprehensive plagiarism report showing the total percentage of copied content within your paper.

Gain Access to Our Free Website to Check Essay for Plagiarism

Most of you already feel that plagiarizing your assignments is a form of academic dishonesty and is morally wrong. However, even for the few who do not deem it to be a problem; when writing their assignments, some consequences can be quite severe if they are caught. As such, I can imagine the question at the back of your mind, “how can I gain access to your free website to check essay for plagiarism?” It is quite simple really, just right on the homepage, you will find a form that requires you to sign up/ create an account with us.

Here you will be required to provide your name and contact information. After successfully registering as a member, you can now upload your paper for scanning. Also, we have plagiarism detection systems for teachers, that they can use to check large volumes of students` papers as they are submitted. Now it is easier for both teachers and students to identify and deal with cases of plagiarism within student papers.

The next time you say, “check my essay for plagiarism free UK,” always remember that with our free online plagiarism detection tools, you can cross-reference your paper against billions of other documents, to identify and highlight any matches from only a few words to whole paragraphs that have been copied. Now you do not have to worry and spend more time writing your assignment because of always having to worry about providing the correct citations for each of your sources.

With our ‘check essay for plagiarism free online’ service, you are assured of an accurate plagiarism report that clearly highlights al the copied content within your paper as well as providing all the necessary links to the original source. It is up to you to decide whether to cite the source or re-write the entire sections of plagiarized content. In addition to our free plagiarism checker, we also endeavor to inform as many students as we can about plagiarism and how they can avoid it in their assignments. To facilitate our need to teach students about plagiarism, you can find a lot of actual examples of plagiarized papers and reports.

Our plagiarism detection system is the best platform to check if the essay is plagiarized free to authenticate the integrity and originality of its content. You can upload any type of writing an assignment, e it an essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper, report or any other kind of academic writing and our plagiarism checker, which is trusted by a countless number of people worldwide as a reliable source for accurate plagiarism reports to facilitate their studies.

How Do We Scan Essay for Plagiarism Free

After understanding what plagiarism is, the next step is to understand how our plagiarism detection system works. For the many students, every time you say, “check my essay for plagiarism free mac,” they are not entirely sure about how the technology works, as it would seem odd at first. In real sense plagiarism checkers do not, in fact, detect plagiarism; instead, they mostly only identify sections within your paper that have identical text with other information sources. With today’s technological advancements, there are quite a few techniques that have been implemented by various online companies. However, at the end of it, all the results mostly similar.

Our plagiarism detection processes work by identifying matching words, statements, or phrases between your assignment and other documents that have been indexed by various online databases as well as in student repositories. To better understand the process that your paper goes through when you upload it to our website, it can be compared to search engines such as Google and Bing. These search engines work by discovering matching keywords and phrases in online sources of information and present the client with the best results. The main difference is that when you scan essay for plagiarism free, you get a plagiarism report instead of search results.

For teachers, it is nearly impossible to get an accurate account of the total percentage of plagiarized content within their students’ papers. However, there are specific tips that teachers have been using to identify whether or not a student’s writing is original or not. They include:

  • Confirming that all the sources are correct is the first step to check if essay is plagiarized free
  • Checking whether the citations and the references/ works cited correspond with each other
  • Identifying a significant change in a student’s quality of work

As you know, this is tedious work that could take a lot of time to complete especially for teachers with a large number of students or having to mark assignments for more than one class of students. That is mainly why plagiarism detection systems such as ours are so highly sought after to reduce the teacher’s workload and save on time.

Get the Chance to Check Your Essay for Plagiarism Free

When you need to check your essay for plagiarism free, you already know what to do after visiting our website. Do not take cases of plagiarism lightly, take advantage of our free plagiarism detection system as well as grammar and sentence structure correction tools. Yes, as we scan your paper for any copied content, we also check your grammar and whether your sentence structure is ok; providing some suggestions to improve the quality and outlook of the assignment.

Regardless of the reasons that you would need to say, “will you check my essay for plagiarism for free online?” you cannot deny that the benefits of our plagiarism checker are worthwhile. Apart from eliminating any copied content, it is also a useful tool for content writers to ensure that no one else has copied their content online.

Our free plagiarism checker is a double-edged sword, whereby students use it to reduce their plagiarism scores to acceptable levels and on the other hand teachers and various learning institutions use this system to identify copied content within assignments. However, this should not deter you from using it to check your essay for plagiarism online free and having the opportunity to submit your plagiarism free paper for marking confidently.

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