Why Students Need to Check Paper for Plagiarism?

As a student, should I check how much of my paper is plagiarized? This is a common query among learners who do not have a clear understanding of the concept of plagiarism. It is not also uncommon among students who are not aware that you can check a paper for plagiarism online free. To be clear, checking your work for plagiarism is something you will always have to do. You cannot take the chance of your lecturer finding plagiarism in your work. The consequences may be far much detrimental to your academic life. Some of the possible consequences of plagiarism on a student include:

  • Academic penalties such as deduction of points
  • Cancellation of the submitted work
  • Failure in the affected unit
  • Suspension or expulsion from the school

This is why, as a student, you have to be on the safe side by checking your work. From the consequences listed, it is evident that a simple oversight may be the reason your academic reputation and life goes in ruins. It is for this reason that this paper will focus on the topic of, how do i check my paper for plagiarism. Specifically, the discussion will be based on research papers. It will also discuss the importance of using professional writing services such as ours. This may be the solution you need to avoid the plagiarism trap in your research papers.

How Do I Check My Paper for Plagiarism Using the Free Tools

The concept of a plagiarism checker is that it performs a comparison of your work to a billion webpages and other academic papers stored in numerous databases. Therefore, it detects content that has been copied from other sources and highlight it as plagiarized. Some even show you by what percentage text from your research paper has been obtained from external sources. So, what steps should I follow to check my paper for plagiarism free? Normally each checker will have precise instructions on how to use them. However, the following steps generally applicable:

  • Attach the research paper by uploading it from your computer. Alternatively, you can copy your content and paste into a specific field provided by the checker.
  • Click on the check my paper for plagiarism button available. The name for the button may vary depending on the site.
  • Wait a few minutes as the checker processes your request. This is generally the time it takes to compare and evaluate content.
  • You will then receive a plagiarism report detailing the percentage of your work that is original and that which is plagiarized. In some checkers, this report can be downloaded.

Why Do I Need a Research Paper Plagiarism Checker

Is my paper plagiarized? Writing a research paper can cause numerous challenges. This is because you will be required to come up with an original topic, search for literature, and collect enough evidence. To effectively do this, it will mean searching for ideas that you can develop further. The rationale is that research gaps identified by the previous researcher can provide a great starting point for your current work. In the midst of all this, most students find themselves plagiarizing the researched content. Plagiarism is regarded as both unethical and an academic crime means. This means that you cannot afford to have any detected in your research paper. How can you manage to do this?

Understand the Context of Your Research

It is important to understand what your research entails to avoid falling into a plagiarism trap. Are you comfortable with your research topic? Do not burden yourself with topics you cannot handle. Having this understanding will enable you to produce your original content based on ideas obtained from previous research. Also, as a rule, never forget to check your paper for plagiarism. If possible, check it after every chapter you write. This will make editing easier for you. You can use reliable tools such as online plagiarism checker for research papers free.

Paraphrase Your Work

Most experts agree that the best way to avoid plagiarism is by paraphrasing your work. Paraphrasing involves understanding another author’s ideas and presenting them in your own words. It involves changing both the sentence structure and words used by the original author. Using evidence gathered to support new ideas makes them authentic and more valid. However, paraphrasing does not mean that you are not entitled to give the original author credit for their work. You will be expected to correctly cite and reference the source from which the original idea was obtained. Finally, for a surety that you have done it right, use a research paper plagiarism checker to scan your work. If found plagiarized, make the necessary adjustments based on the report provided.

In certain cases, you may find it hard to paraphrase your work effectively. This does not, in any sense, mean that you have no options. You can always count on us to provide you with unlimited support. We are always ready to provide you with unlimited research paper writing support. Our professional writers can handle any research papers, including proofreading and editing an already written paper.

Use Plagiarism Checkers to Scan Your Work

While we may have discussed ways to avoid plagiarism, you can never be sure until you check your paper for plagiarism for free. This process is easier than you think. All you have to do is go online and search for the best plagiarism checker for research papers. After selecting your preferred option, follow the instructions they provide on how to upload your paper. After a few minutes, you will have a full report of how much your work has been plagiarized.

How We Can Improve the Quality of Your Plagiarism Paper

In this article, we have mentioned the need for avoiding a plagiarism paper in research. But how about those students who lack the time or clear knowledge of how to do it. Should they be left to get a poor grade in their research paper? Of course not. We believe that every student should have an equal chance for a decent grade. This is why we provide research paper writing services with the following benefits:

Professional Writers

Could you be probably wondering how is it we can manage to produce quality research papers? The answer is simple; we have a team of qualified writers. With us, professionalism is key to delivering papers that meet our customer’s needs. This is why we have a strict process of hiring our writers. The process begins with the potential writers providing their academic qualifications, a resume, and cover letter detailing why they deserve the chance to work with us. Our minimum qualification is an undergraduate degree certificate obtained from renowned institutions. This certificate has to be authenticated by our recruitment team before the writer can proceed further. From there, the potential writer will be required to undertake a series of timed tests. They are aimed at testing their grammar and proficiency in the English language. Part of these exams includes a timed essay on a given topic. The aim is to analyze their ability to work under pressure and produce quality work. This essay will be run through our quality software to check paper for plagiarism. If found to have plagiarized beyond a certain percentage, the potential writer is automatically disqualified.

The successful applicants will be placed under probation as they undergo orientation training. This is the stage where we enhance their academic writing capabilities. It also offers an opportunity to test their prowess in different areas, such as research paper writing. This way, we will have an idea of what tips we can offer to help them improve and also the kind of jobs they are comfortable handling. As part of our company policy, all our writers also undergo training regularly. The aim is to remind them of the importance of producing plagiarism free paper. The training includes aspects such as ways to check paper for plagiarism free using the various tools available online. This is why we have so much confidence in our ability to provide you with quality research papers.

Variety of Subject Specialization

The beauty of having a strict recruitment process is that you only get to hire the best talents in the industry. Combined with our already experienced professionals, they make a team of experts capable of handling many kinds of academic writings. This makes it easier for us to allocate your orders among them. For example, our research papers are only assigned to experienced masters and Ph.D. level writers. Using their academic qualifications, we can classify them based on their course specializations.

Therefore, when you place an order for a research paper, only qualified writers in that field will be assigned your work. Our hiring process is tailored to ensure that we constantly recruit writers in subjects or specializations where there are shortages. In the end, we are well-equipped to handle any orders placed by our customers.

Affordable Prices

Having a research paper done for you should not take up all your budget. The price calculator on our website can help you prove this point. Based on feedback from our customers, we have effectively managed to develop a very fair pricing system. Fair in this contest means achieving a balance between high-quality work and affordability of the prices we charge you.

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